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Car Servicing Specialists in Bury St Edmunds

If the service light has appeared on your dashboard, its your car's way of telling you that it's ready for a check up. Don't make the mistake of thinking that a service is the same as an MOT - a service takes care of your car and keeps a close eye on the wear and tear of parts and use of fluids.

As an independent garage, we can offer a manufacture's service at less cost than a main dealer without affecting your warranty. In 2003 the European Union Legislation came into force allowing cars to be serviced at garages other than the main dealers.

All parts are either original manufacturer (OE) or OE matching parts. Manufacturer's service schedules are adhered to. Your MOT tests that your vehicle is safe for use on the road but will not involve replacing or repairing worn components. A service is essentially preventative maintenance and ensures that your vehicle stays healthy, affordable and doesn't hit you with an unexpected repair bill.

Those who don’t service their vehicles will probably find that they have a shorter lifespan and cost far more in fuel - not to mention the fact that a serviced car is, in general a safer car.

A service makes sure, for example, that your vehicle has sufficient oil and everything it needs to run effectively. Remember, a service is far cheaper than the cost of a replacement engine.

At Anglian Vehicle Services, we can perform interim, full and major services in accordance with your manufacturer's schedule. If you're not sure what level of service your vehicle requires, we will be happy to assist you in determining the relevant service; this depends on a few factors such as your mileage, driving conditions and the time interval between servicing.

Please feel free to contact us and book your vehicle in for a service.

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